Sep 28, 2016

Lawrence Ng(吳啟華) Admits He Went On A Vacation With Ex-Wife: We Are On Good Terms

Actor Lawrence Ng(吳啟華) and his ex-wife Shek Yeung Chi(石洋子) were divorced back in 2014. Due to the fact that they have a daughter together, the two still try to be on good terms with each other. According to sources, it is said the two have reconciled and even went on a vacation to Okinawa together.

The media contacted Lawrence about the rumor and he denied getting back together with his ex-wife. he said: "Shek Yeung Chi(石洋子) and I have a good relationship with each other. I consider her family. That's because she's the mother of my daughter. We did go to Okinawa together at the beginning of September. We also went with Wylie Chiu(趙碩之), Lorretta Chow(周美欣), and a director friend. The five of us enjoyed our trip!"

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Lawrence also indicated he's enjoying his single life and wants to maintain the status quo, he said: "I really don't see us getting back together. I truly enjoy my life without a wife right now."

Lawrence Ng(吳啟華) Admits He Went On A Vacation With Ex-Wife: We Have A Good Relationship Together

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