Sep 14, 2016

Miss Hong Kong Crystal Fung(馮盈盈) Already Has A Doctor Boyfriend

The annual Miss Hong Kong pageant finally came to an end on Sunday night with Crystal Fung(馮盈盈) winning the pageant crown with 39,679 votes. In fact, Crystal already publicly revealed she has a doctor boyfriend named Martin Chung(鍾文浩) during the interviewing process of the pageant competition. On the night of the pageant final, Martin appeared at TVB city with Crystal's mother to support girlfriend!

As the winner of Miss Hong Kong, Crystal's love life is getting a lot of attention. Crystal actually shared a ton of selfies of herself and her boyfriend onto her Instagram account earlier. Maybe in an attempt to avoid distraction during the pageant competition, Crystal deleted all the pictures with her boyfriend! On the other hand, Martin seemed to proudly leaving all the pictures he took with her girlfriend onto his Facebook account.

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Martin is a doctor so it is a well-known fact he's academically gifted. In 2005, Martin scored 10A in the HKCEE and then later enrolled at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong to become a doctor. He's currently working at Queen Mary Hospital as a doctor of internal medicine.

Miss Hong Kong Crystal Fung(馮盈盈) Has A Doctor Boyfriend

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