Sep 11, 2016

Mr. Hong Kong 2016 Jackson Lai(黎振燁) Credits Wife For Support, Keeping Him In Check

Mr. Hong Kong 2016 Jackson Lai(黎振燁)

The four finalists for "Mr. Hong Kong 2016(香港先生)" were selected on Saturday night. After waiting for 24 hours, the final results for this year's Mr. Hong Kong have been announced! A big congratulations to contestant number 4 Jackson Lai(黎振燁)! The 30-year-old beat out the other contestants to win the title of Mr. Hong Kong 2016 on Sunday night! While the first-runner up and second runner-up went to contestant number 9 Karl Ting(丁子朗) and contestant number 1 Freeyon Chung(鍾君揚) respectively.

Jackson could barely contain his excitement after winning Mr. Hong Kong, he said: "That's because I've been trying to make my mark in the entertainment industry in the past 8 years. I sometimes question myself if I should continue walking this path."

During the pageant competition, Jackson seemed to score some points from the judges by publicly professing his love to his wife. He also thanked his wife for the support and sacrifices she made so he could live his dream, he said: "She's even more tired than me. She's been waking up early cooking breakfast for me every morning and waiting for me to get back home every night before going to sleep." When asked if Jackson is ready to have children now that his career is starting to take off, he said: "I do. My wife and I both love children very much. We'll leave having children to fate."

Mr. Hong Kong Pageant 2016(香港先生競選) Winners

Winner(冠軍):#4 Jackson Lai(黎振燁)
Jackson Lai(黎振燁)

First Runner-up(亞軍):#9 Karl Ting(丁子朗)
Karl Ting(丁子朗)

Second Runner-up(季軍):#1 Freeyon Chung(鍾君揚)
Freeyon Chung(鍾君揚)

Mr. Friendship(友誼先生):#7 Christian Yeung(楊灌澤)
Christian Yeung(楊灌澤)

Mr. Photogenic(最上鏡先生):#9 Karl Ting(丁子朗)
Karl Ting(丁子朗)

Mr. Hong Kong 2016 Jackson Lai(黎振燁) Credits Wife For Support, Keeping Him In Check

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