Sep 19, 2016

Steven Cheung(張致恒) Cries Admitting He Cheated On His Girlfriend Xenia Chong(莊端兒)

The 31 years old actor Steven Cheung(張致恒) was revealed by paparazzi to have cheated on his 35E girlfriend Xenia Chong(莊端兒) with a Taiwanese girl named Doris. Steven was seen at TVB city last night doing recording for the show "Am I Healthy?(你健康嗎)". Facing the media's questions about the infidelity, Steven admitted he was at fault and publicly apologized to his girlfriend Xenia.

Admits He Cheated On Girlfriend Multiple Times Before
When asked if his emotion is getting affected by the news of his infidelity, Steven said: "I must admit I did a lot of hurtful things to Xenia. I am sorry for what happened. So... we have broken up." Steven once again stated he's taking responsibility for the hurtful things he did, he said: "Something like this actually happened before. I am admitting it now. I did a lot of bad things. Xenia forgave me for cheating in the past. But I can't forgive myself this time. So I was the one who suggested breaking up. I am really sorry."

Thinking About Seeking Help From Doctor
When mentioned Xenia said she's disappointed in him and they will never get back together during an interview, Steven said: "That's expected... after the things I did... I don't think any girls can forgive me. I truly regret what I did. I regretted every single time I did something wrong. The only thing I can say is I hope it won't happen again." ( As for if he's considering seeking help from a doctor for his "addicting behavior", Steven said: "Now that you've mentioned it, that's a good suggestion. I've been bothered by this problem for a long time. I hope this problem can get solved one day."

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Doesn't Know Doris Very Well
When asked if he still has contact with Doris, Steven said: "No, we don't have any contact anymore. I actually don't know her very well. I added her on Facebook but we never talked together. I truly don't know her too well. I also never sat in her car or went to her place. I must admit that she did come to my place before. I can only say sorry right now. I want to say sorry to Xenia for wasting her time with me."

Thanks TVB For All The Opportunities
When talked about if he has plan to fix his public image, Steve said: "I don't know. Maybe I will pay a visit to a doctor to see if I have some sort of indulging issues. I will do my best. In fact, I've been busy working. I want to thank TVB for giving my so much opportunities. At this point, I am worried about affecting  my family and people from work. I am truly sorry. I hope people can forgive me."

Steven Cheung(張致恒) Cries Admitting He Cheated On His Girlfriend Xenia Chong(莊端兒)

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