Oct 11, 2016

Miss Hong Kong 2016 Crystal Fung(馮盈盈) Seen Traveling With Her Doctor Boyfriend

The currently 22 years old Crystal Fung(馮盈盈) became an overnight sensation in Hong Kong after she won the Miss Hong Kong 2016 title. However, on the second day after winning, she was revealed to have left numerous comments with profanity on Facebook directed at Chief Executive of Hong Kong Leung Chun Ying(梁振英) and the pro-Beijing camp a few years ago. Some netizens even launched a petition trying get her to give up her pageant crown to first-runner-up Tiffany Lau(劉穎鏇).

Crystal experienced the highest point and the lowest point of her life in merely a day of time. Her every word and action are closely scrutinized by the media. Fortunately, her doctor boyfriend Martin who works at Queen Mary Hospital has stuck by her side throughout.

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According to a reader named Ms. Cheung, she spotted Crystal and her boyfriend Martin at the Hong Kong International airport taking a flight to Taiwan. The two were also accompanied by a middle-aged woman.

The reader Ms. Cheung already recognized Crystal's boyfriend when he was checking in at the counter. Ms. Cheung indicated she only saw Martin and didn't see Crystal at the time. ( Ms. Cheung said: "Once I got on the plane, I saw Crystal sitting next to her boyfriend. She was wearing a mask and sunglasses the entire time. The two were so discreet that they didn't even talk much on the plane. I think they were afraid people might recognize them."

Miss Hong Kong 2016 Crystal Fung(馮盈盈) Seen Traveling With Her Doctor Boyfriend

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