Oct 14, 2016

My Lover From The Planet Meow(來自喵喵星的妳) Overview And Promotional Stills

My Lover From The Planet Meow(來自喵喵星的妳) is a TVB modern day comedy drama series directed by Stephen Tsui(徐正康) starring Moses Chan(陳豪), Kristal Tin(田蕊妮), and Nancy Wu(胡定欣), along with Eddie Kwan(關禮傑), Vivien Yeo(楊秀惠), Ram Tseung(蔣志光), Pierre Ngo(敖嘉年), and Mimi Chu(朱咪咪).

[Miu Miu Miu/苗妙妙(Kristal Tin/田蕊妮)], a native inhabitant of planet Meow, applies to return back to Earth in human form in hopes of solving the growing marriage problems of her young master [Sit Sze Sze/薛思思(Celine Yeung/楊鎧凝)]'s parents in physicist [Garfield Sit Ding Kap/薛丁甲(Moses Chan/陳豪)] and police officer [Cat Chiu Yiu/焦瑤(Nancy Wu/胡定欣)].

Ten years ago, Miu Miu Miu once took on the appearance of a cat to be the Sit family's pet and established a close tie with them. Now she's trying her best to stay on Earth and to get close to the family once again. Fortunately, she meets the kindhearted Chinese chiropractor [Ko Kwai/高瑰(Mimi Chu/朱咪咪)] who takes her in. In a mere coincidence, she also joins Garfield Sit's research company. With the advance scientific knowledge that she acquired in her home planet, Miu Miu Miu becomes one of the top researchers within the company in an instant.

Due to Miu Miu Miu's natural cat-like senses and agility, she accidentally overhears executives [Hill Ko Tin Shan/高天山(Eddie Kwan/關禮傑)] and [Natasa Nam Ta Sha/藍蒂莎(Vivien Yeo/楊秀惠)]'s secret plot against Garfield Sit. As Miu Miu Miu eagerly tries to protect her master, she slowly falls in love with him, which also hits on the nerve of his wife Cat Chiu. Out of nowhere, someone from planet Meow appears on Earth and puts Miu Miu Miu's secret identity at risk.....

My Lover From The Planet Meow(來自喵喵星的妳) TVB 2016

My Lover From The Planet Meow(來自喵喵星的妳) Overview And Promotional Stills

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