Oct 11, 2016

Nancy Wu(胡定欣) Admits She Was Inside Ruco Chan(陳展鵬)'s Car: He's Such A Gentleman

The rumored couple Ruco Chan(陳展鵬) and Nancy Wu(胡定欣) attended a cosmetics product event together. The two seemed to be avoiding each other and didn't even want to be interviewed together. One reporter tried to ask Nancy to stay behind to take a picture with Ruco but she was dragged away by her assistant at the last second.

Praises Ruco A Gentleman
Nancy was recently photographed eating dessert with Ruco inside the car. When asked about her relationship with Ruco, Nancy said: "We see each other at work everyday. There's no progress on our relationship. (How come you guys don't want to be interviewed together!?) That's not true. I don't really care either way. ( (Is Ruco still driving you?) Yes, I think everyone knows my license has been suspended. Pal Sinn(單立文), Mandy Wong(黃智雯), Selena Li(李施嬅) all drove me to work before. (What about Ruco?) He does drive me when we have to shoot on-location. He's such a gentleman."

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Ruco: Maybe I Am Eccentric
When asked if Ruco is avoiding to be interviewed together with Nancy, he said: "I don't even know what's going on. Nancy was dragged away by her assistant. (Are you still driving Nancy around?) We just filmed a 3 hours scene of us driving together earlier today. (Any chance for you two to develop into a relationship?) Nancy is truly a great woman. I think it's my own problem. Everyone knows all the rumors about me have been proven false in the past few years. Maybe I am eccentric, I would rather focus all my energy on work instead. (Nancy just called you a gentleman!) All the men at TVB are gentlemen. They are all eligible bachelors. (Benjamin Yuen(袁偉豪) said he's giving you opportunities to drive Nancy!) I don't want to affect our working relationship. All in all, we want to maintain our relationship to be just colleagues at this point. If we do end up falling in love then we will try dating. There's nothing on the contract that prevents us from dating. I think work is more important right now. I also don't want to get distracted!"

Nancy Wu(胡定欣) Admits She Was Inside Ruco Chan(陳展鵬)'s Car: He's Such A Gentleman

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