Dec 26, 2016

Brian Burrell(布偉傑) Announces He Will Be Getting Married To His Girlfriend

The 44-year-old American-born Hong Hong actor Brian Burrell(布偉傑) is known for playing "The Chief of Police of Hong Kong(阿一)" and various foreign characters in TVB drama series. On Christmas day, Brian announced on social media that he will be getting married soon!

Brain posted a picture of him holding the hand of his girlfriend wearing an engagement ring, he wrote: "I received the biggest present of my life this year! She said YES ! !" During a phone interview with the media, Brian pointed out that he has been dating his makeup artist girlfriend Celia for three years and it is time for him to tie the knot with her, he said: "We are still deciding on when to get marry right now, including the date and the location. I am a Christian so we will be getting married at a church. We are not going to have a traditional Chinese style wedding banquet."

Brian Burrell(布偉傑) Announces He's Getting Married To His Girlfriend

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