Dec 11, 2016

Eliza Sam(岑麗香) Insists She's Not Pregnant And Will Be Getting Married In The Middle Of December This Year

Popular TVB actress Eliza Sam(岑麗香) recently announced online that she will soon marry her boyfriend Joshua(強強). During a phone interview with the media, she couldn't keep her excitement contained and admitted she will be getting married in the middle of December this year in Vancouver.

Engaged In February This Year
Eliza also revealed she was officially proposed to by boyfriend earlier in February this year, she said: "There are a lot of things I need to prepare right now. I already let TVB know a while ago. (When did you know Joshua is your Mr. Right?) About a year after we started dating. I can now finally relax after letting everyone know about the marriage. I don't need to keep this a secret anymore. There have been rumors out there saying I am pregnant! I want to clarify that I am not. I am not in a hurry to get pregnant. We want to enjoy our time together for a bit after marriage. We might adopt a puppy first. (Are you going to retired from acting after marriage?) No, I will continue working. I love acting. (Are you going to be living apart from Joshua after marriage?) That's something we are still discussing. There are things we need to arrange."

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Openly Talks About How She Was Proposed To 

When asked what drew her to Joshua, Eliza said: "I have always asked God about wanting to meet my Mr. Right. I knew he's the one after I met him. There's no need for me to pick someone else. ( (How did he propose to you?) It was something simple and romantic. I immediately said yes! We were at a church and his parents were also there. (What are Joshua's strengths?) He's thoughtful and he loves his family. I feel he's someone that will treat his future wife very well."

Will Continue To Work After Marriage
When talked about work, Eliza revealed she will return back to Hong Kong for New Year countdown event after getting married.

Eliza Sam(岑麗香) Insists She's Not Pregnant And Will Be Getting Married In The Middle Of December This Year

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