Dec 20, 2016

Michelle Chen(陳妍希) And Husband Welcome Baby Boy 'Little Star(小星星)' Weighing 7.7LBs

The currently 33 years old Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen(陳妍希) married Chinese actor Chen Xiao(陳曉) earlier in July this year. At the time, the two also announced their pregnancy! According to Taiwanese media earlier today, it is said that Michelle gave birth to a healthy boy weighing close to 8 lbs at a hospital in Taipei.

Michelle just updated her Weibo account confirming the news that she has given birth by uploading a picture of her son's hand, she wrote: "I am thankful for 'Little Star(小星星') for becoming a member of our family. I hope you will shine like a star and be happy from now on." Later on, new father Chen Xiao also wrote: "The boy that holds a fist, I hope you will become strong, you are going to have to listen to your mother!"

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The media also contacted Chen Xiao via wechat, he replied: "So happy, I hope he will grow up to be happy and healthy, thank you, everyone."

Michelle Chen(陳妍希) And Husband Welcomes Baby 'Little Star(小星星)' Weighing 7.7LBs

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