Dec 29, 2016

Recipes To Live By(味想天開) Overview And Promotional Stills

Recipes To Live By(味想天開) is a TVB period and costume comedy drama series directed by Chong Wai Kin(莊偉建) starring Tony Hung(洪永城) and Sisley Choi(蔡思貝), along with Hugo Wong(黃子恆), Rebecca Zhu(朱晨麗), Stephanie Ho(何雁詩), Ram Tseung(蔣志光), Joseph Lee(李國麟), and Mary Hon(韓馬利).

[Ting Yat Shan/丁一山(Tony Hung/洪永城)] is a natural-born culinary genius with a tongue that can distinguish a wide variety of flavors. He resents his adoptive father [Ting Yat/丁日(Ram Tseung/蔣志光)] for forbidding him from learning how to cook. After hearing about a culinary competition that will take place in Yangzhou, Ting Yat Shan promptly looks for [Shek Yau/石柔(Sisley Choi/蔡思貝)] to crossdress as a man to take part in the contest for him.

As a result, Ting Yat Shan gains recognition from well-known chef [Hoi Siu Tin/蓋兆天(Hugo Wong/黃子恆)]. Henceforth, Ting Yat Shan teams up together with Hoi Siu Tin to come up with new interesting dishes, helping him winning the highest honor in the culinary world multiple times. With Ting Yat Shan and Hoi Siu Tin's rise to fame, the two also befriend those who chase after their own culinary dreams such as the daughter of the wealthiest man in town [Tung Ming Yuet/董明玥(Stephanie Ho/何雁詩)] and well-known chef [Tai Ng Yuen/第五緣(Rebecca Zhu/朱晨麗)].

Tung Ming Yuet has a crush on Ting Yat Shan, but Ting Yat Shan sets his heart on Shek Yau, who instead likes Hoi Siu Tin. For that reason, Ting Yat Shan decides to leave Hoi Siu Tin to start his own restaurant. However, things don't go according to plan. Ting Yat Shan falls victim to Shek Yau's ploy and ends up losing his sense of taste. As it turns out, Ting Yat Shan is a descendant of a famous chef. In order to reverse a verdict against his birth father, he pays the high price of becoming an enemy to his friends and family....

Recipes To Live By(味想天開) TVB 2017

Recipes To Live By(味想天開) Overview And Promotional Stills

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