Dec 11, 2016

Rouge Emperor(流氓皇帝) Overview And Promotional Stills

Rouge Emperor(流氓皇帝) TVB Drama Series 2016

Rouge Emperor(流氓皇帝) is a TVB period drama series directed by Poon Ka Tak(潘嘉德) starring Kenneth Ma(馬國明) and Niki Chow(周麗淇), along with Mandy Wong(黃智雯), Benjamin Yuen(袁偉豪), Jerry Ku(古明華), and Brian Tse(謝東閔). This drama series is a remake of the 1981 television series titled "The Misadventure of Zoo(流氓皇帝)" starring Adam Cheng(鄭少秋) and Louise Lee(李司棋).

Being homeless in the streets of Hong Kong, [Chu Kam Chun/朱錦春(Kenneth Ma/馬國明)] is a self-proclaimed the last emperor of China. Social worker [Fung Siu Ying/馮小融(Tracy Chu/朱千雪)] who has been following his case is gradually unveiling Chu Kam Chun's breathtaking and adventurous life in pursuit for the love of his life, [Yee Yung Yung/易蓉蓉(Niki Chow/周麗淇)].

At the beginning of the 1930's, the young Chu Kam Chun wanted to make enough money to marry Yee Yung Yung so he decided to take part in a firework competition with his younger brother [Chu Cheung Fun/朱祥勳(Benjamin Yuen/袁偉豪)], good friends [Ng Tor Ho/吳多好(Jerry Ku/古明華)] and [Ngau Yuk Gon/牛玉乾(Brain Tse/謝東閔)]. Due to an accident, they not only lost the chance to win the prize money but also encountered numerous bizarre situations and strange people including bandit [Lung Tsun Fung/龍川鳳(Harriet Yeung/楊詩敏)], revolutionist [Tung Chun Pong/董振邦(Luk Wing/陸永)], and general [Che Tai Pau/車大炮(Pal Sinn/單立文)]. Good friend Ng Tor Ho's younger sister [Ng Tor Yu/吳多茹(Mandy Wong/黃智雯)] was also dragged into the matter and she ended up sacrificing herself during the process.

Chu Kam Chun and company tried to join the military but ended up as fugitives instead. He then fled to Shanghai and became one of the most powerful tycoons in Shanghai with the help of prominent gang leader [Ngau Lik/牛力(Joe Tay/鄭敬基)]. Chu Kam Chun still often thought about his love Yee Yung Yung every day, but one simple mistake caused the two to be separated once again for another forty years......

Rouge Emperor(流氓皇帝) TVB 2016

Rouge Emperor(流氓皇帝) Overview And Promotional Stills

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