Dec 21, 2016

Sharon Chan(陳敏之) Gives Birth: Welcomes Baby Son With Husband William Lui(雷偉信)

The currently 37 years old TVB actress Sharon Chan(陳敏之), aka "The Queen of Beautiful Legs(索腿天后)" gave birth to a healthy boy weighing 7lbs 11oz via c-section for her husband William Lui(雷偉信) on December 21st, 2016, the day of the winter solstice.

The birth of the baby has to be the couple's perfect early Christmas present. When asked if they specifically chose the day of the winter solstice to have the c-section, Sharon said: "The date was picked by my husband. (Do you have any plans to have another baby?) I need time to recuperate my body after the c-section. The earliest will have to be after next year."

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Although Sharon was exhausted after giving birth to her son, she couldn't hide her excitement about seeing her son face to face. ( During an interview with the media, she said: "I truly love my son. I don't get tired looking at him. My son also has big feet. His face and the shape of his head look so much like his daddy. He's one handsome fellow, just like dad."

Both Mr. and Mrs. Lui are deeply touched by the birth of their son but they also feel bad for him at the same time: "Due to the size of my son's big head, the doctor had to use a clamp to take him out. I feel so bad knowing his head is bruised up right now. The doctor said the bruise will fade in a few days." Sharon also stated that she still feels pain from her c-section wound: "I feel so hungry after giving birth. I am so used to eating a big meal during my pregnancy. I can't eat anything until tomorrow. I also haven't tried breastfeeding yet."

Sharon Chan(陳敏之) Gives Birth Welcomes Baby Son With Husband William Lui(雷偉信)

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