Jan 8, 2017

Ruco Chan(陳展鵬) Shaves Off His Hair For New TVB Drama Series

Actor Ruco Chan(陳展鵬) appeared at a hair salon in Central district to shave his head for an upcoming TVB drama series "Destiny(天命)". The last time Ruco shaved his head was for the drama series "Captain of Destiny(張保仔)" but he ended up with irritated scalp! He said: "The last time I shaved my head was during the summer months. The skin on my head was already flaking the next day after I shaved. It was all red and inflamed. My head took a few months before it healed completely!"

Will Wear Hat To Protect His Head
Ruco admitted he was worried his hair might not grow back, he said: "Hair is very important to men. After I shaved last time, some hair grew back finer than usual. I am going to take better care of my head this time around." Ruco also revealed he spent a few thousands dollars on a quality electric trimmer to shave his head in between filming because he's afraid he may damage his hair follicles by using a razor.

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Will Be Working Through Chinese New Year

At the same time, Ruco revealed he will soon travel to Mainland China and Malaysia during the Chinese New Year holiday to perform. He joked that he will use this opportunity to showcase his singing while he has a few days off on his schedule!

Wants To Celebrate Birthday With Fans
Ruco's birthday will be coming soon on January 14th. Since he didn't celebrate with fans last year due to work, Ruco stated that it will happen this year no matter what. As for if rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu(胡定欣) has asked him out, Ruco said: "I haven't received a phone call from her yet. But if she's treating, we can do it anytime."

Ruco Chan(陳展鵬) Shaves Off His Hair For New TVB Drama Series

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