Sep 25, 2017

Oh My Grad(老表,畢業喇!) Overview And Promotional Stills

Oh My Grad(老表,畢業喇!) TVB 2017

Oh My Grad(老表,畢業喇!) is a TVB modern-day comedy-drama series produced by Wong Wai Sing(黃偉聲) starring Roger Kwok(郭晉安), Ada Choi(蔡少芬), Wong Cho Lam(王祖藍), along with Babyjohn Choi(蔡瀚億), Mag Lam(林欣彤), Joyce Cheng(鄭欣宜), Law Lan(羅蘭), Bowie Wu(胡楓), Eliza Sam(岑麗香), Bob Lam(林盛斌), Koni Lui(呂慧儀), Louis Cheung(張繼聰), Angela Tong(湯盈盈), and Ram Tseung(蔣志光).

Hong Kong Brilliance Institute (HKBI) is a tertiary institute founded by the couple, [To Fu/杜琥(Bowie Wu/胡楓)] and [Kong Pik/江碧(Law Lan/羅蘭)]. The school is known for low entry requirements and tuition fees that specializes in cultivating prospective teachers.

Due to various academic fraud scandals and financial difficulties, the couple summons their eldest son [To Ming Chi/杜明治(Roger Kwok/郭晉安)] and youngest son [Kevin To Ming Hung/杜明亨(Bob Lam/林盛斌)] to get the school back on track, with To Ming Chi as the principal, and Kevin To as a member of the school council. However, not wanting to compound the problem due to their differences in teaching philosophies, they decide to bring in a public relations specialist [Mon Cheung Chun Keung/張進強(Ada Choi/蔡少芬)] to take charge of the situation.

To Ming Chi doesn't see eye to eye with his brother Kevin To due to his for-profit approach to education. On the other hand, Mon Cheung is growing more powerful in the school as she is under direct order from the board member to help rich second generation [Shih Tak Wa/史德華(Babyjohn Choi/蔡瀚億)] graduate from the school. However, Shih Tak Wa has no motivation to study and winds up in a love triangle with his schoolmates, a Thai Chinese named [Liu Niou/柳妞(Eliza Sam/岑麗香)] and a top mahjong player [Ching Su/程舒(Mag Lam/林欣彤)]. At the same time, Ching Su's archrivals Liu Yau/呂優(May Chan/小寶)] and [Chui Fung Kei/崔楓紀(Momo Wu/吳沚默)] are always out gossiping about her May-December romance with fellow classmate [Darling Ching Long/程郎(Ram Tseung/蔣志光)].

With the additions of hooligan [Yeung Kwo/楊過(Louis Cheung/張繼聰)] and mysterious man [Choi Sum蔡芯(Wong Cho Lam/王祖藍)], the school is being pushed to the point of no return........

Oh My Grad(老表,畢業喇!) TVB 2017

Oh My Grad(老表,畢業喇!) Overview And Promotional Stills

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