Apr 16, 2018

Stealing Seconds(棟仁的時光) Overview And Promotional Stills

Stealing Seconds(棟仁的時光)TVB 2018

Stealing Seconds(棟仁的時光) is a TVB modern-day romance comedy-drama series produced by Yip Chun Fei(葉鎮輝) starring Benjamin Yuen(袁偉豪), Natalie Tong(唐詩詠), along with Rebecca Zhu(朱晨麗), Hubert Wu(胡鴻鈞), Stephen Wong (黃長興), Joe Tay(鄭敬基), Winki Lai(賴慰玲), Arnold Kwok(郭子豪), KK Cheung(張國強), Jazz Lam(林子善), and Candice Chiu(趙希洛).

Strategic planning executive [Tsang Tung Yan/曾棟仁(Benjamin Yuen/袁偉豪)] has been burning the candle at both ends working with a demanding boss and a bunch of difficult subordinates. Until one day, his heart suddenly stops beating. Fortunately, a paramedic named [Kris Ching Man Kei/程敏琦(Natalie Tong/唐詩詠)] performs CPR on him and saves his life. 

After a narrow escape from death, Tsang Tung Yan learns he can extend his own life by stealing other people's life force through kissing. He uses this special ability to his advantage, which results in dramatic changes to his career, friendship, and family relationship. However, on the other hand, Kris Ching suffers major consequences after helping Tsang Tung Yan. She not only misses her own wedding but her fiancé [Sam Chow Tak Sum/周德琛(Yeung Chiu Hoi/楊潮凱)] is also missing.

In order to help Kris Ching get back on her feet once again, Tsang Tung Yan takes over Sam Chow's café. He not only gets to know barista [GG Law Shui Lam/羅瑞楠(Hubert Wu/胡鴻鈞)] but also re-encounters his childhood friend [Haley Mok Hei Lin/莫熙蓮(Rebecca Zhu/朱晨麗)]. As a pole dancing teacher, Haley Mok has plenty of suitors but she only has her eyes on Tsang Tung Yan. Yet, between facing the dilemma of extending his life and his love for Kris Ching, Tsang Tung Yan has no idea what his future holds.........

Stealing Seconds(棟仁的時光) TVB 2018

Stealing Seconds(棟仁的時光) Overview And Promotional Stills

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