May 21, 2018

Deep In The Realm Of Conscience(宮心計2深宮計) Overview And Promotional Stills

Deep In The Realm Of Conscience(宮心計2深宮計) is a TVB period imperial drama series produced by Mui Siu Ching(梅小青) and Ben Fong(方俊華) starring Nancy Wu(胡定欣), Annie Liu(劉心悠), Steven Ma(馬浚偉), Kenneth Ma(馬國明), Edwin Siu(蕭正楠), along with Alice Chan(陳煒), Chrissie Chau(周秀娜), Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎), Susan Tse(謝雪心), Candy Lo(羅霖), Akina Hong(康華), and Pinky Cheung(張文慈). This drama series is a collaboration between TVB and Tencent Penguin Pictures(企鵝影業).

During the reign of Emperor Shang of Tang, [Li Long Gi/李隆基(Steven Ma/馬浚偉)] and his aunt [Princess Tai Ping/太平公主(Alice Chan/陳煒)] stage a coup to restore Prince of Xiang, [Li Dan/李旦(Li Lung Kay/李龍基)] to his throne and execute the power-hungry [Empress Wei/韋后(Michelle Yim/米雪)] on the spot!

Under the peaceful facade in the palace, some have been harboring resentment for one another. At the imperial court, Li Long Gi and Princess Tai Ping are going up against one another! Deep within the palace, the infighting between the head of Imperial Household Bureau, [Wang Zhen/王蓁(Nancy Wu/胡定欣)] and all the consorts is out of control! Some people act against their conscience for power, while others give up everything else for the sake of their loved ones!

The genuine characters demonstrated by Longwu Guard [Ren San Shu/任三恕(Kenneth Ma/馬國明)], revenge seeker [He Li/何離(Edwin Siu/蕭正楠)], Scribe [Yuan Yue/元玥Annie Liu/劉心悠)] and [Gan Ruo Qian/甘若芊(Jacqueline Wong/黃心穎)] embellish the palace with a touch of romance.... Deep within the palace, layers of mystery surrounding horrifying secrets are exposed! Beyond the walls, soul-stirring love and hate stories are staged……

Deep In The Realm Of Conscience(宮心計2深宮計)

Deep In The Realm Of Conscience(宮心計2深宮計) Overview And Promotional Stills

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